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A few decades ago, prison security was almost non-existent when compared to the security features that exist nowadays. In a modern day prison, almost the entire security network can be controlled from the click of a button and this means that there is much less human error. Running security with digital technology means that prison security is improved and prison guards are not as at risk as they once were.Learn more about this at Palm desert audio video.

One of the most important security devices and features of integrated security solutions that has revolutionized the way prisons are run is digital audio exchange. Digital audio exchange refers to voice exchange systems which allow guards to communicate with one another and which allows prisoners to communicate with guards when necessary. This is important as it means that guards are in constant communication and that door and entrances do not have to be guarded or unlocked whenever someone wishes to pass through them.

Audio and Video Telephone Entry

This is the simplest feature of digital audio exchange and is often seen on flat blocks as well as in prisons. This would be used installed in major entrances and is designed so that the security team can speak to and potentially see who is attempting to get into the building. This might be used at the main entrance to prisons so that the gate security team can decide whether someone should be allowed in or out. It is seen as one of the most basic forms of integrated security solutions but is also one of the most valuable.

Cell Call

Prisoners need to have some way of contacting a guard if there is an emergency situation or something similar. Guards must be able to quickly get to the cell to find out exactly what the problem is. The cell call system is an important part of the integrated security solutions of a prison and will alert the guards when a prisoner contacts them and stop when the situation has been attended to. The system is also designed so that in the case of vandalism, only the individual cell will be disrupted as opposed to the whole cell call network.


These are intended to be used between doors and gates within a complex and are designed so that guards can quickly get access between different parts of a prison. This is an integral part of integrated security solutions as guards must be able to quickly get access to different parts of the building. Intercom allows guards to contact the security team to get access. The gates will have automated access meaning that the security team can quickly give them access if approved. Guards must also be able to communicate to prisoners as a whole and thus intercoms are often also used as public address systems.


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